Bar Utensils

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No bar is complete without a bar tools set. While you might think of the basics like a bottle/can opener, corkscrew, and cocktail shaker, a good bar accessories set also includes a bar spoon or cocktail stirrer for mixing drinks, a muddler for infusing drinks such as mojitos, Manhattans, and sangria with fresh herbs, spices and fruits, different types of strainers, a paring knife for cutting fruit, tongs for olives and cocktail onions and tongs for ice, a citrus zester, and a long-handled mini whisk. Other tools bartenders find indispensable include channel knives for cutting citrus peels, funnels, foil cutters, and champagne stoppers. That’s just the start. At Gator Chef, our inventory of bar utensils also includes barware glasses such as shakers, mixing glasses, shot glasses, jiggers, and specialty cocktail glasses. We also have salt/sugar glass rimmers for margaritas and bloody marys; ice chippers, ice picks, and ice mallets; “Y” peelers for peeling vegetables; and citrus squeezers for juicing limes, lemons, and oranges.