Steamers and Pasta Pots

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Whether you’re serving your customers rich, tasty pasta dishes covered with savory sauces, or mouth-watering cupcakes topped with decadent frostings and glazes – you’ll need a thing or two. Steamer baskets, double boilers, and pasta pots are all cookware that can be used for a number of different purposes. Need to steam vegetables? Blanch green beans? A steamer basket will take care of both of those duties. Pasta pots provide an easy and efficient way to cook pasta among other foods as well. In addition, double boilers present an ideal way to melt chocolate for those delicious desserts, or prepare intricate sauces for a number of other dishes as well. Whatever the case, Gator Chef offers a variety of steamer baskets, double boilers, pasta pots, and lids to meet whatever need your kitchen may have.