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Gator Chef Short-Term Solutions

Equipment Rentals For Festivals & Events

Are you a restaurateur or food vendor attending one of the many outdoor festivals around Chicagoland? Renting from Gator Chef will help you stay focused on making money, instead of worrying about the equipment you need.

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Rent From Gator Chef for Festivals or Popup Events

Drop-off & Pickup Options

Gator Chef will deliver (within a 40 mile radius of Gator Chef's location) rented equipment by Noon of the first day of the rental and pick-up on the morning after of the last day of the rental. The rental customer is responsible for securing the unit until Gator Chef picks it up. Optionally, rental customers can pick-up and return rental equipment at Gator Chef's location. Returns of rented equipment picked-up at Gator Chef's location are due on the next business day of the last day of the rental by noon.

Save Money

Weekend rates available for Commercial Coolers, Freezers, Prep Tables, and Storage Equipment. If you need a rental for a few extra days or multiple weekends, then let's discuss how to plan your rental out successfully!


Gator Chef is based in Lisle, IL. Our rentals are limited to Chicagoland and could include suburbs within 40 miles of Lisle. Anything outside of the state of Illinois we do not provide rentals for.

Our primary business is to sell equipment and supplies for restaurants, bars, bakeries and other foodservice establishments. Considering that some of our local customers attend the many festivals in Chicago and the Greater Chicagoland Area, we offer a limited list of necessary equipment that food vendors and booths may be in need for.

Gator Chef rents the following equipment:

  • Refrigerators: 1-Door and 2-Door
  • Freezers: 1-Door and 2-Door
  • Heater/Proofer Cabinets
  • 48" Sandwich Prep

Typically, a weekend rental is from Thursday to Monday. Drop-off by Gator Chef happens between 9AM and 1PM on Thursday. Pickup by Gator Chef is between 9AM and 1PM.

We understand that certain festivals and events have certain stipulations on arrival windows and booth availability. Let's work together to scope out what is needed for your particular event.

Yes, you can! We have worked with many customers on providing short-term solutions to refrigeration or other equipment needs for days, weeks and months at a time. Give us a call and let's chat about what you need.

Short-term Rental Rates Breakdown

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Rental Rates

  • 1-Door Cooler or Freezer: $339.00/weekend; $150.00/extra day
  • 2-Door Cooler or Freezer: $489.00/weekend; $150.00/extra day
  • 48" Prep Station: $489.00/weekend; $150.00/extra day

Commercial Cooking Equipment Rental Rates

At this time, we do not offer cooking equipment for festival or event rentals. Feel free to call us at (888) 944-2867 with any questions.

Commercial Storage Equipment Rental Rates

  • Heater Proofer Cabinet: $375.00/weekend; $150.00/extra day

From our customers


Top notch people that helped out big time when we got in a bind! Looking forward to working with them much more in the near future.

Chicago, IL

In 2022 our company had to rent two commercial coolers for a client and it had to happen quickly. Michael I. responded to the call immediately and he and his team were able to get us two units within days. Since the first agreement, we had to extend the rental multiple times and each time we were reminded with enough time to either extend or schedule a pick up. We work with a good amount of companies and very few have the level of customer service Gator Chef provides.

Hoffman Estates, IL

As a small business owner it could be very challenging finding reliable people, businesses for quality work & fair prices. Gator Chef has consistently provided all of the above along with great service from start to finish and timeliness.

Chicago, IL