Ice Scoops & Ice Totes

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Since ice is a food, it should be stored, handled and transported in as safe and sanitary a manner as all the other food you serve. At Gator Chef, we have ice scoops and ice totes specifically designed to move ice from one area of your restaurant to another, whether it’s from a kitchen ice machine to a cold food display on a Sunday buffet line or a bus station ice maker to a bar ice bin. Our ice totes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Made from polycarbonate or polyethylene, they feature “ice only” identification, so staff knows not to use them for any other purpose. They range in size from a 25-Lb. carrier to a 10-Gal. bucket, with most totes able to hold about 6 Gal. They’re all dishwasher-safe and NSF listed so you can be assured they’re safe and sanitary when used and cleaned properly.