Commercial Fryers

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    18 products

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    Fry up crispy chicken fingers and delicious onion rings all day long with the right commercial deep fryer. Commercial fryers are in every kitchen ranging from fast food restaurants to steak houses to pizza restaurants and anything in-between. Being such a common piece of equipment, we offer several different styles with various capacities.

    Whether your kitchen needs a fryer for lighter work, or something more heavy duty, we have you covered. We provide fryers with capacities ranging from just 15 pounds all the way up to 100 pounds, with six different pot types to choose from, with either electric or gas fuel sources. In addition, choose from countertop or floor models depending on your needs and space. We carry a wide variety of models, including ventless fryers for those kitchens that may not have room under their hood. Check out our wide selection below to find the right deep fryer and accessories to best suit your needs.

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