Peelers, Mashers, Ricers, Corers, and Can Openers

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Whether you’re peeling carrots for stew, cucumbers for salad, or potatoes to mash, we have a variety of vegetable peelers to handle the job. For those apples or pears, we have a selection of corers that make easy work of coring and seeding, and we even offer a standup pineapple corer and peeler. Our inventory of potato peelers, ricers, and mashers will help your staff quickly prep potatoes and more. Use one of our stainless steel or wood-handled mashers with either a square or round head to mash light and fluffy mashed potatoes or creamy refried beans. Prepare riced potatoes or cauliflower with one of several hand-held manual ricer models. Along with these fruit and vegetable tools, we also carry several heavy-duty manual can openers. These include both hand-held models that will open practically any can and table-mounted openers designed for larger #10 cans of sauces, crushed tomatoes, vegetables, and fruits.