Bakery Spatulas & Pastry Brushes

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Mix and lift any ingredients and baked goods with commercial spatulas from Gator Chef. When it comes to baking, perfectly lift up your cakes, cookies, and other goodies while keeping them perfectly intact. In addition, icing spatulas provide an easy way to distribute frosting evenly on all your creations. Commercial spatulas also offer an easy way to scrape and properly mix all your ingredients so you can be sure no batter or dough is left behind. Browse through the variety of shapes and sizes below to find the right match for your kitchen. Coat your crusts, bread, pastries, and more with the right pastry brushes from Gator Chef. Ideal for glazes, butter, oil, and other toppings, pastry brushes offer a great way to give your baked goods that perfect sweetness. At Gator Chef, we offer pastry brushes in a variety of widths and finishes on the handle. Check out Gator Chef’s wide selection below to find the right pastry brushes for your kitchen.