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Angelo Sellas

For Angelo Sellas the art of hospitality isn't just a profession – it's a family legacy that spans over half a century. With Greek roots running deep, they bring a timeless blend of warmth, charm, and unparalleled expertise to every project they undertake.

Having grown up in an environment where owning and operating restaurants is a way of life, Angelo has inherited a wealth of knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations. Their family's illustrious journey has seen the successful establishment of several iconic dining destinations, ranging from vibrant fast-casual to elegant fine dining establishments.

Reasons To Work With Angelo

  • Μιλάω ελληνικά (I speak Greek)
  • Steadfast commitment to front-of-house success
  • Passion for hospitality
  • Genuinely committed to giving you the service you deserve
  • Target Market: Family Restaurants and Bars, Expanding operations
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James Trader

With a track record of owning multiple successful businesses, including fast-casual restaurants, bars, and Mexican eateries, James Trader brings a wealth of firsthand experience to the table. Their entrepreneurial journey has endowed them with invaluable insights into the intricacies of running a profitable establishment in today's competitive landscape.

Renowned for their unwavering focus on operating costs and the bottom line, Jim is committed to helping clients maximize efficiency and profitability at every turn. They understand that success in the foodservice industry hinges not only on culinary excellence but also on astute financial management and strategic decision-making.

Reason To Work With Jim

  • Thrives in fast-paced environments
  • Adept in improving and implementing solutions
  • Owned/Operated multiple locations
  • Target Market: any foodservice establishment looking to optimize their cost structure, streamline their operations, or enhance profitability.
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Karina Villalpando

¡Estoy a la orden! Abro entre 2-4 Taquerías, Restaurantes de Desayuno, Panaderías, Supermercados y Cafés al Mes — campanas extractoras, equipo de cocina, refrigeración y muebles. Puedo hacer entregas e instalación. Hago consultas de diseño para cocinas de iglesias.

Ready to help provide options and solutions for your kitchen. I work with my customers through the whole process from finding the right equipment to coordinating delivery to providing installation options. Every day it is important to learn something new from current and prospective customers, but also through Vendor Education and Training Seminars (V.E.T.S) and attending industry events to ensure I am ready for your needs and requests. My work ethic is an extension of my parent's migration to the US for a better life.

Reasons To Work With Karina

  • Hablo Español
  • Onsite quoting and fast turnaround options
  • Walk-In Refrigeration & Exhaust Hood Consultation, Build and Start Up.
  • Target Market: Family Owned Restaurants/Bakeries/Cafes, Small Supermarkets & Delis, Church Kitchen Design
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Rich McAndrews

As a foodservice equipment consultant the guiding ideology is to assist in making the Owner’s dream a reality so they can deliver their offerings efficiently to the guest and be profitable in the mission. It is once again a partnership built on earned trust and ongoing commitment to the Owner’s vision as the business grows and changes. Having the proper equipment and training is essential to this mission.

Reasons To Work With Rich

  • Over 20 years experience in foodservice equipment sales
  • Formerly a Corporate Chef and Owner/Executive Chef
  • Coordinating all project aspects including setting specifications based on production requirements with architect, contractor and operator
  • Target Market: School Districts, Longterm Care Facilities, Daycares, Independent Operators
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Wolfie Johantgen

I started my 20+ year journey through the restaurant industry in Culinary School, studying Pastry Arts and Hospitality Management. After spending time in a few restaurants in Indiana, I transitioned to the mass production world with Levy Restaurants working my way up to the Regional Executive Chef Level. I am proud to have opened professional sports arenas and stadiums building out kitchens for mass production, coordinated and operated foodservice for the US Open totaling $64M over the course of 3 weeks and especially proud working as a Personal Chef for the Indiana Pacers NBA Players and various celebrities.

Reasons To Work With Wolfie

  • Former Regional Executive Chef for Levy Restaurants
  • Consulting on your menu and labor savings
  • Personal Chef for high-end clients
  • Target Market: New Concepts, Catering, Franchisees
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