Commercial Cutlery Accessories

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Chefs know that a dull knife in the kitchen is more dangerous than a sharp knife. Keep your commercial cutlery at its sharpest with one of our commercial knife sharpeners or sharpening tools. While many restaurants use a professional sharpening service, both electric and manual knife sharpeners, as well as restaurant sharpening stones and steels, can keep your knives at their peak performance longer between services. We have a large selection of restaurant knife sharpening supplies, including electric and manual sharpeners, hand-held sharpeners, sharpening stones, honing steels, and sharpening oil. As your knives dull, tiny burrs and nicks mar the edge of the blade. An electric sharpener can quickly grind away these imperfections and sharpen the edge. For more control of the sharpening process, you can use one of our manual sharpeners or a sharpening stone.