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    No matter what kind of commercial foodservice operation you have, you likely need work tables and equipment stands to prepare all the menu items you serve and hold your countertop equipment. Those countertop prep areas need to be sturdy, durable, and easy to clean and sanitize, which is why we carry a wide variety of commercial work tables and equipment stands. Whether you operate a restaurant, café, coffee shop, pizzeria, catering business, hotel, food truck, school cafeteria, or bakery, we have the right commercial work tables or equipment stand for you. From the most basic open base stainless steel work table, our selection of commercial work tables and equipment stands can be configured to your needs. All of our stainless steel work tables are fabricated with strong legs and sturdy tops to withstand the rigor of daily use chopping vegetables, slicing fruit, tenderizing meat, or rolling out dough. We have stainless steel work tables in all lengths, even narrow filler tables so you don't waste a square foot of space in your cooking or prep lineup. Our wide range of heavy duty stainless steel equipment stands and mixer tables designed to hold the weight of all types of foodservice equipment from stand mixers to countertop cooking equipment. All commercial worktables and equipment stands we sell conform to NSF and ETL standard for food serfvice applications.

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