Ice and Ingredient Scoops

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You can choose from our large inventory of scoops designed for a multitude of tasks, in materials such as stainless steel, polycarbonate, and aluminum, and a huge range of sizes from 2 Oz. up to 85 Oz. Depending on the task, we have both flat-bottom and round-bottom scoops and specialty scoops for fries, popcorn, bulk candy, bulk ingredients, and ice, as well as holders to keep them all where they belong. Whether you’re dishing up french fries, scooping bulk flour into a 2-Qt, measuring cup, or filling a cocktail glass with ice from an ice bin, you’ll find Gator Chef ice scoops and utility scoops to fit the bill. Scoops prevent direct hand contact with food and encourage staff to handle ice and food served to customers and food ingredients in a safe and sanitary manner. With the number of sizes and styles of ice scoops, ingredient scoops, and utility scoops we offer, you’re sure to find what you need.