Ice Cream Machines and Batch Freezers

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Serve your guests smooth, creamy soft-serve ice cream or a delicious frozen shakes and malts with one of our commercial soft-serve ice cream machines. Create variations of vanilla, chocolate, and twist ice cream, in no time with the right machine from Gator Chef. We offer a plethora of options and sizes from trustworthy brands. Each of our options comes with selections of volume in terms of quarts of product per hour. These machines are available in both countertop or free-standing designs.

While some batch freezers specialize in one type of frozen treat, a batch freezer for ice cream will make practically any other frozen dessert, as will most batch freezers. Their controls allow you to tailor a batch freezer to your application. And batch freezers come in so many sizes, from small 4-Qt. countertop models to high-volume floor models, you’ll find one that suits your needs whether you add one or two ice cream flavors to your dessert menu or plan to open a gelato shop.