Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Dispensers

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"We have a salt, pepper, and sugar dispenser to fit your operation and your style, with everything from a classic salt and pepper grinder for your tabletop to dispensers for cooking. Our wide selection of styles of traditional glass salt and pepper shakers, and wire caddies to hold them, means you can present seasoning to your customers with just the right look. Our choice of hardwood pepper mills and acrylic salt and pepper grinders adds that perfect touch of class to any tableside service or fine dining table. For that little bit of sweetness to add to coffee, tea or even fresh fruit, choose from glass shaker jars or glass or stainless steel sugar bowls. (Don’t forget the spoon!) Our glass sugar dispensers have stainless steel screw-on lids with either center pour spouts, self-closing flaps, or perforated tops. They’re an excellent way to showcase artisan sugars. We also have a selection of racks and caddies to display and dispense your sugar and sweetener packets.