Food Preparation Tools

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Slice, dice, grate, blend, mix – all the necessary actions when prepping food in a commercial kitchen. Whether you’re whipping up a salad, dicing, drying, or rising vegetables, you’ll probably need a few smallwares and prep tools. These are the necessary accessories that make a kitchen function and are a cook’s best friend when it comes down to prepping recipes and meals. From simple to detailed prep tools, Gator Chef has it. If you’re outfitting a new restaurant and need all the right smallwares to make your kitchen function, look through all our categories of food processors, strainers and colanders, cutting boards, and more to stock up with what you need. Similarly, if you’re maintaining your kitchen and hoping to enhance its efficiency and functionality, consider what tools and smallwares can further supplement your business. Browse through Gator Chef’s vast categories of food prep tools to find the smallwares you need.