Glass Washers

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Our inventory includes both manual and electric bar sink glass washers. We offer two- and three-brush manual glass washers. Suction cups on the bases of these brush washers firmly secure them to the bottom of a bar sink during even the most vigorous washing. We feature electric glass washers for high-volume bars in three-or four-brush models. They’re available with either powerful upright motors or sealed submersible motors for establishments with less clearance under the bar top. All feature overload protection switches in case the motors overheat. We also carry electric glass polishers. These commercial duty glass polishers, built with durable stainless steel housings, are designed for continuous use. Their microfiber twine polishing heads polish glasses inside and out while a warm air blower dries glassware and the polishing heads simultaneously. Sanitary, efficient and gentle on glassware, our glass polishers save time and money while producing crystal clear glassware for your customers to enjoy.