Grill Scrapers, Grill Bricks and Cleaning Utensils

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Made for a wide variety of tasks, restaurant scrapers come in many styles and can be used for the grill, the griddle, a pan, and more. At Gator Chef, we offer commercial scrapers in various lengths and styles, in stainless steel and plastic forms, as well as with solid and flexible blades. Browse through our selection below to find the right scraper for your kitchen. Keep your kitchen and equipment clean and ready for your chefs by stocking it with the right kitchen cleaning utensils. In the food service industry, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Whether you need to clean the grill or broiler or wash and scrub pots and pans, the wide variety of cleaning utensils offered by Gator Chef will do the trick. From grill blocks and stones to screen holders to stainless steel sponges — Gator Chef has all the kitchen cleaning utensils to ensure your kitchen is safe and meets all health codes.