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    Commercial restaurant equipment is the heart of any kitchen. Ovens, ranges, refrigerators, worktables — these things keep the kitchen up and running. The cooking, grilling, freezing, washing, it all has to be done with the right equipment. No matter what type of food you serve, you will need restaurant equipment. Whether it’s something as simple as the right faucet, or a more specific item like an automatic slicer, we have you covered.

    Gator Chef deals with over 400 manufacturers to ensure top-quality items at the lowest prices. So whether you’re a new business just starting up, or a veteran to the food service industry – we have the ovens and ranges to outfit your kitchen. We offer everything you might need when it comes to commercial cooking equipment, commercial refrigeration, and commercial preparation equipment. This way we can offer you a fryer for your cafe or an undercounter refrigerator for your bar. Look through our expansive inventory of everything from ice machines to dishwashers and find the ideal item(s) for your establishment.

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