Carbon Steel Cookware

3 products

    3 products
    10-1/5 Inch Carbon Steel Fry Pan, 2 Handles (Browne 573740)
    10-1/5 Inch Carbon Steel Fry Pan (Browne 573740)
    7-4/5 Inch Carbon Steel Fry Pan, 2 Handles (Browne 573738)
    7-4/5 Inch Carbon Steel Fry Pan (Browne 573738)

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    To prepare certain items on your menu, sometimes only specific cookware will do. Commercial carbon steel cookware is the best of both cast iron and stainless steel. Lighter than cast iron or stainless steel, it heats as fast as stainless steel, and like cast iron, it retains heat after removing it from the stove. For many kitchens, carbon steel pots and pans are the ideal choice for searing, browning, broiling, boiling, sautéing and more. You’ll love how fast carbon steel restaurant pans like woks cook stir-fried entrees, or how easily a seared tenderloin goes from stove top to oven for finishing in a sauté pan. And you’ll see why the non-stick properties of carbon steel make it the material of choice for crêpe pans.

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