Bartender and Server tending to customers in their upscale hotel bar and fast-casual dining area


Modern mid-century restaurant chairs setup with commercial tables in the dining area of a restaurant
Restaurant Seating & Tables

Do you need restaurant chairs, tables, bar stools or possibly banquet seating? Shop with Gator Chef to find the perfect styles for your new build out or long-standing establishment that needs some replacements.

Commercial Outdoor Restaurant Furniture setup on a brick patio seating area for a bistro
Commercial Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Built to withstand the elements and hard use, we have a wide range of restaurant patio furniture for both dining and lounging. Here you’ll find the perfect outdoor restaurant furniture to maximize your patio, rooftop deck or sidewalk seating area with tables, chairs and more!

Classic diner booths setup in a cozy family restaurant
Restaurant Booths

Order Restaurant Booths from a broad selection of colors, fabrics, patterns, and designs that will appeal to your guests and keep them comfortable while they dine.

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Restaurant Seating and Tables are essential to your business whether you’re a sports bar, fast casual, coffee shop or banquet hall. Work with Gator Chef to find the perfect style to create that inviting, comfortable experience for your customers.