Commercial Frozen Beverage Machines

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Frozen drink dispensers are a terrific way to add merchandising appeal to icy cold beverages in your restaurant, bar, snack shop or café. Frozen drink and slushy machines make granitas and slushies, smoothies, and even cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris. We carry standard frozen drink machine models for freezing a variety of flavors, and there are heavy-duty machines for faster freeze times and colder temperatures to freeze drinks containing alcohol. With their clear containers or windows, frozen slush machines effectively merchandise the vibrant colors of frozen drinks. Their augers mix contents continuously, so every time you pull the handle to dispense a beverage from the non-drop faucet, you get consistent texture and taste. Our frozen beverage machines are available with one, two or three clear plastic bowls with various capacities, so you can choose a model that best fits your needs. And there are one- and two-hopper stainless frozen granita and slush machines able to make drinks with dairy or alcohol, too.