Commercial Cook and Hold Ovens

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    Commercial Cook & Hold Ovens are designed to produce better food quality and higher food yields. Food made in a commercial Cook & Hold Oven typically has 15%-20% less shrinkage than when cooked using conventional type commercial convection ovens or grills. Harsh heating methods used in traditional ovens, like cal rods heating elements, can’t maintain precise cooking temperatures, and fans dry out and overcook food, reducing product yields. A commercial Cook & Hold Oven cooks food using a low-temperature cook-over-time approach. This “low and slow” approach to cooking is why the food quality is superior, especially with proteins, and yields are maintained higher.

    Food is cooked and then held at food-safe temperatures for serving later. Save on labor with Cook & Hold Ovens. Program the oven to cook food overnight. When the food reaches the proper internal temperatures, a Cook & Hold Oven will automatically transition into a hold mode to serve the food throughout the day.

    Alto-Shaam is synonymous with Cook & Hold Ovens; they invented the technology. Halo Heat® Alto-Shaam’s exclusive technology in their Cook & Hold Ovens, radiant Halo Heat, evenly surrounds food without using extremely hot elements, added humidity, or fans. Discover built-in savings with their ventless designs, no hood required! Explore Gator Chef’s variety of Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven.

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