Commercial Dish Sinks

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Every restaurant must have sinks. Commercial kitchen sinks are essential for food prep, water for cooking, dishwashing, pot washing, and keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary. We offer a wide range of stainless steel restaurant sinks in many different sizes and configurations for a multitude of tasks in your kitchen. A single-compartment sink is ideal for compact spaces and can be used to soak pots and pans, as a utility sink in your janitorial closet to fill cleaning buckets and ring out mops, or in a prep area for washing vegetables. Multi-compartment sinks handle even more jobs. Use our two-compartment sinks in food prep areas to clean vegetables, thaw frozen foods under running water, or pre-rinsing dishes. Three- and four-compartment sinks are ideal for manual dishwashing, with compartments for proper washing, rinsing and sanitizing, and an optional soaking compartment for pots and pans if you have space.