Beer flight lined up on a bar top


Bar scene with wine and rocks glasses on a server tray

Bar & Restaurant Glassware

Gator Chef has a variety of glassware options available to meet your beverage service needs, and satisfy your customers!

Water glasses accompanied by table setting at sit down restaurant

Impress Your Guests

Glassware makes a statement about your restaurant and the drinks you serve. Whether it’s crystal glassware for a white tablecloth restaurant, or a polycarbonate tumbler for a pizzeria, your glassware should reflect your style and your menu.

Cocktails ready to drink on bar mat

Glassware Sets

Regardless if you’re serving soft drinks or beer, white wine or red wine, margaritas or martinis, an Old-Fashioned or a Manhattan, Gator Chef will ensure you are stocked with the right glassware sets.