Inside view of our commercial test kitchenInside view of our commercial test kitchen

Test Kitchen

Try Before You Buy, Certifications, Grow & Learn!
Try Before You Buy

Unlike most restaurant supply stores, Gator Chef allows customers to try cooking with our equipment and appliances before making a purchase. This unique shopping experience provides restaurant operators with the opportunity to ask questions and leave with peace of mind that their purchase fulfils their needs.

ServSafe CFPM Certification 

The Gator Chef Test Kitchen is home to ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Courses and Examination. Available in both English and Spanish. Learn more about our interactive training and test center here!

Consult With Industry Experts

Gator Chef has a staff of dedicated food service industry consultants with 100+ years combined as restaurateurs and chefs. Their real-life culinary expertise can help you solve problems and increase profits for your operations.

5 Reasons to Schedule in a Test Kitchen

1) Opportunity to try equipment and appliances before purchasing.

2) Knowledgeable experts available to answer questions.

3) Hands-on instruction from industry experts.

4) Classes showcase cooking concepts, tools and tricks that benefit operators and employees.

5) Learn best kitchen safety practices from certified experts.

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