BenchmarkUSA Silver Screen 8-Oz. Countertop Popcorn Machine (Winco 11087)

BenchmarkUSA Silver Screen 8-Oz. Countertop Popcorn Machine (Winco 11087)

Winco SKU: 11087

BenchmarkUSA Silver Screen 8-Oz. Countertop Popcorn Machine (Winco 11087)

Winco SKU: 11087
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8-Oz. countertop popcorn machine will generate just as much nostalgia, but don't let the styling fool you. This popcorn machine is designed for business, and is capable of producing up to 170 Qts. per hour from its 8-Oz. capacity kettle, and the popped corn's visual appeal behind clear tempered glass panels will attract customers as much as the aroma.

Perfect for concession stands, food trucks, employee cafeterias, break rooms, fundraisers and other events, bars and lounges, restaurants, and many other establishments, the popcorn machine is simple to operate and maintain, but gives you precise control to ensure that your popcorn is always at the perfect serving temperature. The popcorn machine's 200-watt warming element under the stainless steel deck is thermostatically controlled, and warms the popcorn from below rather than using a heat lamp to warm only the top layer. The unit features a separate cabinet thermostat and temperature indicator.

Operating the unit are four individual switches: one master switch to provide power and turn on the warming deck; one that turns on the kettle's heating element; one for the agitator motor, and one to turn on the interior light. A safety interlock prevents the kettle heater and agitator from turning on unless the master switch is turned on.

The kettle is constructed from high thermal mass aluminum—which offers excellent heat transfer and even distribution—that's hard-coat anodized to create a non-stick surface, so cleaning is a breeze. The kettle jacket is stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Once the kernels have popped, a handle dumps the kettle’s contents onto the stainless steel deck in the bottom of the cabinet. The perforated deck allows un-popped kernels to fall into an "old-maid" drawer, expediting cleanup and keeping un-popped kernels out of your bagged popcorn. The 8-Oz. commercial countertop popcorn machine plugs into any standard 120V outlet, and operates on a single 15-amp circuit.

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