Well HDCB-4830G 48" Wide Charbroiler

Wells 48” Gas Countertop Charbroiler (Wells Mfg. HDCB-4830G)

Wells SKU: HDCB-4830G

Wells 48” Gas Countertop Charbroiler (Wells Mfg. HDCB-4830G)

Wells SKU: HDCB-4830G
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Grill everything from T-bones to trout on this 48” gas countertop charbroiler. The heavy-duty cast iron top grates are reversible for thick or thin grill marks, and can be turned to be used in a flat or sloped position, giving you a lot of options on what you can cook, and how you want to grill and present it. It’s this commercial charbroiler’s control that allows you to grill thick steaks and chops and thin, delicate seafood fillets at the same time. Durable heavy-duty cast iron burners provide superior flame characteristics, even heat, higher maximum heat and gentle low heat. Each burner features adjustable infinite heat adjustment and On/Off control, and an adjustable air shutter to control air and optimize combustion.

Lots of people use terms like “charbroil” and “chargrill” interchangeably, so what is the difference between broil and grill? In the strictest sense, broiling is a method of cooking by direct heat from above. In your oven at home, you’d put your rack in the top position and cook food using the top heating element. In a commercial kitchen, a salamander or cheese-melter is technically a broiler. “Charbroil” and “chargrill” are a little different. Charbroiling is a method of cooking by direct heat from below on a metal grate. Chargrilling is the same except that the fuel for the heat source is charcoal (or wood). Commercial charbroilers usually use gas as the fuel, and either lava rocks, to mimic charcoal, or radiants to transfer the heat to the food. The concept of cooking on a metal grate with heat from below is the same, but technically speaking, charbroil and chargrill are slightly different.

The HDCB-4830G gas charbroiler has cast-iron radiants. which provide higher temperatures, more even heat, fewer flare-ups, and enhanced flavor profiles for all types of foods, not just proteins. Grill asparagus to go with a tenderloin filet, or pineapple to accompany that teriyaki or kalbi-marinated steak. Both the top grates and burners are removable for cleaning, and unlike lava rocks, the radiants are easy to clean, too.

The charbroiler’s front, sides, and splash guard are stainless steel, and the front panel is removable for easy access to the grill’s components. The unit has a removable drip pan to make clean-up easier, and has adjustable 4” nickel-plated steel legs. The charbroiler comes equipped for hook-up to natural gas, but has a conversion kit for LP. The HDCB-4830G gas countertop charbroiler has a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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