Combi, Multi-Cook, and Cook & Hold Ovens

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Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens

Combi Ovens

Replace convection ovens, steamers, kettles, fryers, smokers, and more with an Alto-Shaam Combi Oven. All Combi Oven models incorporate a boilerless design that uses 80% less water, provides longer equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs. Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens have zero clearance designs allowing them to be placed next to any piece of cooking equipment in the line saving valuable hood space. Shop Gator Chef’s entire selection of Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens.

Alto-Shaam Multi-Cook Ovens

Multi-Cook Ovens

Structured Air Technology®, the engine behind Alto-Shaam’s Multi-Cook Ovens, delivers independent temperature, fan speed, and cook time control to each chamber of the multi-cook oven, have up to four individual ovens in the same ultra-compact footprint and best of all absolutely no flavor transfers per chamber! All Alto-Shaam Multi-Cook Ovens are certified for ventless operation. Place a Multi-Cook anywhere in a commercial kitchen; no hood is required. Browse Gator Chef’s selection of Alto-Shaam Multi-Cook Ovens.

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens

Cook & Hold Ovens

Halo Heat® Alto-Shaam’s exclusive technology in their Cook & Hold Ovens is designed to produce better food quality and higher food yields because of lower product shrinkage. “Low and slow” cooking gentle, radiant Halo Heat evenly surrounds food without using extremely hot elements, added humidity, or fans. Discover built-in savings with their ventless designs, no hood required, and labor-saving overnight cooking and holding. Explore Gator Chef’s variety of Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven.

Explore Alto-Shaam Cheflinc: Effortless Recipe Management

Alto-Shaam Cheflinc: Effortless Recipe Management Catalog Sheet

Consistent Settings with Connected Insights & Reliable Data

Intentionally Simple Design

ChefLinc Alto-Shaam’s cloud-based remote oven management application. ChefLinc is an invaluable tool that taps into the power of the Alto-Shaam’s ovens and cook and hold cabinets providing data-driven insights to any business via a simple-to-use mobile app. Seamlessly push and pull recipes, collect, and view status, retrieve detailed service diagnostics, and much more all over the internet. ChefLinc is especially helpful when having multiple locations. Centralize recipe management, create, manage, and push recipes, regional menus, and more. Eliminate the need to program each oven individually at each location. Saves time, labor, and money and ensures consistency across menu items at different locations.